A “Dream” fulfilled

And so 8 performances later, Phyllis O’Strate has been played.  “The Battle with the Centaurs” is done, the “Tipsy Bacchanals” no longer riot, the “Thrice Three Muses” no longer mourn, and the “Tedious brief scene of Young Pyramus and his Love Thisbe” has been wonderfully played out over and over again.


The props and scenery dismantled, the costumes in the wash, and the after show get together is a sweet memory.  Fond farewells and “keep in touch” and “good luck for your next project” was mixed with hugs and a few tears.

It has been a wondrous adventure, with wondrous people. I have learnt so much, had loads of fun, and will remember it for a long time to come.

Thank you to all the cast and crew and Here to There Productions for this fabulous experience.

Farewell to Athens 1955, Thisbe’s balloons, Steam Punk fairies, hair grips and pink lipstick, and those horrible tights!

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