The Elfin Knight and Other Stories

This time last year, I was eagerly anticipating rehearsals of the pantomime, how time flies!

Since then I have done so much, so I thought it was time to remember and recall what has happened.

Spring brought forth the Hawthorn blossom and first telling of “The Elfin Knight and other stories” a wonderful storytelling and music set with my fabulous husband Jake. Based on the 16th century ballad of the same name, we wove story and music together to tell the tale of Mary and her path to a “true lover” with the help of her wise and very eager Auntie. It is a joy to tell and sing, and work with Jake, and so far we’ve performed it at Mythstories, Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, and Festival at the Edge. We will be performing “The Elfin Knight” at BLAST! in November, a storytelling club in Bishops Castle, founded by storyteller Amy Douglas.

It was wonderful to see how the story unfolded, piece by piece, new things coming to light. Flashes of Awen and moments of “ah!” as we were shown places in the landscape that were in the story and treasures from other stories with a similar theme, showing us that we were on the right track.

033 yonder well from a nearer path

What began as a 10 minute story, formed at my weekend at Bleddfa, has become a 45 minute set, with music and words “blending perfectly” (audience feedback).

We are now rehearsing it again for BLAST! and it is a joy to be back with the characters and having a cup of tea in Auntie’s kitchen.



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