Charity shop treasures


I regularly visit charity shops, most people do. Some shop for clothes, others for books and bric a brac. I do that too, most of my costumes and everyday clothes have come from these charitable emporiums, but sometimes there, in amongst the donated nick nacks, will be a shining treasure.

Sometimes they are really shining, like a mini golden throne, sometimes they need a bit of tlc or transformation, but today I found a veritable feast!

A bowl of fruit and eggs. The bowl and the contents for £2.99! Bargain! This has led me to go Story Hunting for “Fruity tales” I have found 4 such delights, the starfruit, the pear, the peach and the strawberry.

The bowl has it’s own tale to tell I am sure!


Back pack, packed, and off we go!

So I decided to start a blog about storytelling adventures.  On my facebook page I’ve been doing “A story a day” since the Winter Solstice, so that’s been updated (almost) daily, but what about the places, and the stories that I found extra to that?

That’s where this blog comes in. When I’ve been out Story Hunting, or to an awesome Storytelling Festival, the postcard will be on this blog.

Ideas, plans and things that I am bursting to share, may not always come to fruition, but like a pinterest board, it’ll be on here, even if it’s never done. Just to remind me.

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