Been away for a while…..

Once upon a time, there was a Festival and it happened high up on Wenlock Edge in Shropshire.  The first time I went there, it was 2005, and I went there with my now husband of 10 years Jake Thomas.  We spent that first festival between the musical Silver Tent, the CAMRA Beer tent and our own tent, sleeping off the beer and music.  I did catch a few story tellers though,and that is where my Storytelling journey gained pace.


Festival at the Edge has just held it’s 25th gathering of Storytellers, listeners, musicians, glorious food sellers and amazing market stalls, and like the others I have been to, it was an amazing, beautiful and inspiring weekend.

The iconic purple flags,Purple flags welcomed us to Stokes Barn and we saw our favourite tellers, ones from our “bucket list” and heard lots of enchantiSilver Tentng, thought provoking and hilarious stories, all in 3 days.  (Plus a whole load of wonderful music as we camped near the Silver Tent!)

In previous years, we have left as the Festival ended, not wanting to see it taken down and put away, somehow keeping it alive in our minds for longer.

This year was different.

We stayed an extra night, enjoyed the Sunday night Party (for helpers, stewards and performers)  for the first time, and saw everything disappearing back into the land.

The Festival village became a field again, the stories whizzed around and then drifted off with the wind, over the Edge and off to the next ears to hear them.  We also stayed because we wanted to see it go.

It wont be at that same site next year, so we stayed to say goodbye, to a place that has been as much a part of our marriage as it has my story telling journey. We have made many friends through this festival and this year has been no exception. Meeting up with old friends, recently made friends and those we know from “social media” putting faces to names and profile pics and most exciting of all, new friends.Beer Tent

This chapter of FaTE has come to an end, but a new one begins, (it’s a real page turner!) Feeling renewed and inspired by Story, and with a rather wonderful Tshirt,  I take another step on my own Storytelling path. Bunting

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